Foreword Breeding

One would think that breeding is simple. After all it is a fact of nature. However, in order to maintain the gene pool and standard of a breed, it is paramount that a little thought goes into choosing breeding mates. This selection occurs naturally in the wild but in our case, we need to give our Skyes a helping hand. Skye Terriers numbers are diminishing and so it is really important to take care when planning a mating. STIA has created a small sub committee chaired by Hanna Granlund, and including two independent veterinarians, in order to give assistance to breeders so that the lines remain as diverse as possible.

Let’s keep in mind that by the end of WW1 there were only 25 Leonbergers left in the world with only 5 deemed good enough to breed from. Yet with careful and somewhat scientific planning, the breed is now doing well with many varied bloodlines. We are not there yet with our Skyes, but it is important to keep a mindful eye if our breed is to prosper. That is why our breeding committee is at hand should you wish to seek any advice. Furthermore, the STIA is currently offering 10 breeding grants per year – do see our dedicated page for information.

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