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Queen Victoria writing in her personal diary about her Skye Terrier on the 13th March 1839….

I am charmed with my new little dog, whom I have called Islay; he is so gentle, so good natured and friendly and so funny, for he begs delightfully.

Pet dog training is a great thing to do with your puppy and is to be much recommended. Undertaken in the correct way it will be fun for your puppy and for you. You may be amazed at just how quickly and how much your puppy can learn. Those of you thinking of showing your puppy will no doubt be enrolling in ring-craft  classes but pet dog training is very different and we’d encourage you to think about doing this alongside your ring-craft classes.

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Initial pet dog training aims to aid you in the development of a polite,confident dog, who is comfortable and happy to venture out with you to all those places you want to go, (e.g. the vets, your favourite café or pub, public transport, situations were it is likely they will meet lots of other dogs and people…). Many countries, through their Kennel Clubs, have training schemes designed to help owners and their dogs achieve this. The UK Kennel Club runs The Good Citizen Scheme and in New Zealand they have the Dogs NZ Canine Good Citizen Scheme.

You might well have heard people tell you ‘you can never train a terrier’ and you might also hear that in the Skye terrier world too. There is no doubt that terriers, including Skyes, have an independent trait, as one of my colleagues says, ‘they can have their own opinions which are not always convenient’ ….maybe that is what draws us to them. But, you will also hear people tell you that Skyes are loyal, loving, clever and seemingly have a sense of fun; all traits which make Skyes eminently trainable.

To get good results it is vital to use the right approach to training. The only approach we recommend is non coercive, reward based training where the behaviour we are aiming for is rewarded. When looking for a training class you should look for one committed to this form of training.

So what does pet dog training offer your puppy/dog?……


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