Breeding Grant Foreword

STIA Breeding Grant

In view of the necessity to keep our breeding lines as fresh as possible, STIA is mindful that breeding responsibly to maintain a varied genetic pool and avoid inbreeding is an expensive business. Even more so when living away from the main “pockets” of Skye terriers. This is why STIA has set up a breeding grant. The idea is to provide our members a subsidy of up to CHF1’200.00 in order to help cover semen shipment or artificial insemination. In some cases, this money could be used to acquire a puppy with approved and useful bloodlines for your specific part of the world. We have a budget for ten grants per years. If interested, you will be required to send your request via the application form in the members page. The breeding committee will study at all the applications and allocate the money on merit as well as geographically. Every application, being successful or not, will receive a detailed answer with the appropriate feedback. Due to the limited amount of grants available.

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