Susan Ritvo Falvey

Susan Ritvo Falvey


At six years old my family took our first road trip driving from Weston Massachusetts to Dallas Texas to see my aunt and uncle who were Skye Terrier breeders(Moonsong)). That started my love for Skyes. We took a puppy home and named her Mopsy. We got Mopsy because she had one ear up and one ear down. She wasn’t show quality so we were allowed to have her. Mopsy had two liters and we kept Queenie one of the puppies. Mopsy had 9 puppies and many stayed in our neighborhood so we saw them often.

After college I got my own Rescue Skye. Pavielle was 4 years old and had had a few liters and the breeder was done using her so she came to me. I have never been without a Skye. Currently we have Foxy Lady and Bali who are quite happy showing off on FaceBook and Instagram. Foxy was a star in several shows but has retired.

Skyes are the most loving and loyal breed. They keep our family entertained with their antics. Especially now in the Pandemic I couldn’t have been with out them. If you are lucky enough to own one you will understand why they are so precious. Susan Ritvo Falvey. 

Address: Boca Raton, FL, USA