Peter McKenzie

Peter McKenzie


I am a retired Internal Audit and Risk Management Consultant and I have two grown up sons with a grandchild on the way! I have been Chair of Audit and Risk at two Colleges in the north of the UK for the last ten years and with over 40 years experience surrounding Governance I feel that I am qualified in the role of Moderator for the Skye Terrier International Association (STIA).

Whilst not an owner of a Skye Terrier, I have had the pleasure of being associated with Skye Terrier owners and therefore the breed for nearly ten years – and I’ve still to decide who can be the more opinionated! Needless to say I have enormous respect for both and the role of Moderator gives me enormous pride – STIA are passionate about the longevity of the breed and I am proud to be associated with such a worthy cause.

I see my role as Moderator as a facilitator, a ‘nudger’, an independent voice, an individual who can help promote healthy continuous discussion both during and outside of formal meetings but above all be an ‘honest broker’ and not take sides. This is a role that I could not undertake without a respect for all of my colleagues on the Board and it is one that I will undertake to the best of my ability. 

Address: Bagby, England