Margaret Samuel

Margaret Samuel


My maternal Grandmother was from Skye and, perhaps inevitably, Skye Terriers featured in my Mum’s childhood. In later life when my Mum came to live with me and I bought her a Skye, a gorgeous cream girl called Minnie. She joined the family in 2004 and we all fell in love with her, she was a real character. My Mum suggested we had a litter and that resulted in us getting our second Skye, a nice young man for Minnie. A litter came along and our Skye family became 4.

I enjoyed some time showing the dogs but soon branched out into different activi-ties. Donald qualified as a Pets as Therapy dog, visiting the elderly and doing some work with adults and children with learning difficulties – he was a natural. Later we joined a fabulous dog training school and soon he was a busy working member of a dog display team that entertains the public at both local and national events. All my current troop of Skyes now train at the school and are members of the display team. It’s a great way, and a fun way to introduce the breed to a wider community.
I have also had the good fortune to join with some fellow Skye people to take part in Obreedience competitions – a group of 4 Skyes, (The Draught Excluders) that com-pete as a team in a range of obedience exercises.
I will for ever be grateful to my Mum for bringing these wonderful dogs into my life.

Margaret Samuel

Address: Keighley, England