George McLeod

George McLeod


I live with my wife Cathie in the north of Scotland. Over some forty years, I have had the joy of sharing our home with just short of twenty wonderful Skye Terriers and can honestly say I have loved each one. Whether shining in the show ring or tramping through muddy woods, the character of the Skye is as endearing as it is faithful.

Despite their tradition of being distrustful of strangers, I have really enjoyed introducing our Skyes to members of the public on the occasion of Discover Dogs and other similar opportunities. The dogs always seem to bring a smile to the face and it’s a privilege to share information about this wonderful breed with so many who are interested in finding out more.

I have worked in public sector ICT over many years and time with the Skyes is always a welcome relief from the stresses and strains of work. I look forward to supporting the association in the years to come.

Address: Inverurie, Scotland