Christian Landolt

Christian Landolt


I run my own business,- a country house hotel in the UK, am a member of the family business board in Switzerland, as well as officiating as an International judge for the International Equestrian Federation all over the world, and an International Eventing judge. Dogs, horses and mother nature are my go-to for peace of mind and resource myself. I have lived with wired haired dachshunds, briards, bassets griffon, bearded collies, and mostly my beloved Leonbergers.

Skyes came on my radars following a visit to Crufts’ Discovery Dog. I then spoke to my Gran who grew up with some and my mind was made up. It took a little over 6 months for Alice to enter my life and totally bewitch me. Since then, I have bred 3 litters, travelled across Europe with my gang having all sorts of adventures together – planes, trains, automobiles, boats, mountain monorails, gondolas, funicular, mud, river and… duvets! Along the way, I have become a fierce promoter of the breed.
The idea of creating this Association came from hearing the pleas of Skye owners across the world who felt isolated, searching for a community and information. Therefore, creating a communication platform to unite Skye terrier enthusiasts became an exciting project uniting friends from all over. I do hope you will enjoy it and be part of this journey as it cannot happen without you.

Address: Saanenmoeser BE, Switzerland