Cathie McLeod

Cathie McLeod


I have had a Skye Terrier in my life since I was around 9 years old. I lived on the Isle of Skye and our neighbour Mary Macdonald (Acheo Skyes) had lots of Skyes. I visited there every day, after school and every weekend. I saved up 4 weeks pocket money to buy my first Skye and when I went to pay for her Mary said because I had shown how dedicated I was to having a Skye that I could keep the money and she gave the dog to me. I was delighted and Josie (Acheo Sea Shanty) was mine.

I have shown and bred Skyes for quite a long time now. I have always been drawn to the drop eared Skye Terrier and have owned and bred 8 drops over the years. I live with 5 Skyes presently of which one is a drop ear.

Although I show my dogs I am more interested in engaging with the public and introducing them to the breed.

I hope that more people will come to know and love the breed as I do and that the future of the breed will become more secure.

Address: Inverurie, Scotland