Alvilde David-Andersen

Alvilde David-Andersen


I am a 5th generation goldsmith with my own jewellery brand, shop and workshop. I sit on the board of the Norwegian Goldsmith Association and do alot of non profit art and culture work for kids.

My great passion, besides jewellery and art, is horses and hounds. Nature is a big part of my everyday life. That is also what gives me inspiration! I do believe in hard work in combination with open senses – let your ear, nose, eyes and taste inspire to new forms and expressions.

I am from Norway and was born and raised in the capital, Oslo. I grew up with several Basset Hounds and got my first Jack Russel Terrier at the age of 18. I remember a childhood where trips to England, Scotland and Wales were a big part of the holidays – and this is where I got to know the breed, Skye Terrier, for the first time.

Today I have a Skye Terrier boy who enriches my life enormously. I now live in England and I’m so lucky to have friends who are passionate about the breed. Together we can make a difference, and work to get more people to be familiar with the breed – show how kind, beautiful, funny, wise and faithful family members the Skye Terriers are.